Indian Polity

In UPSC Indian Polity is very important. All the blogs covered in this section are related to the Indian constitution. Easy Explanations and Examples covered.

Judicial review in India

Judicial Review in India gives power to the Courts to declare a law unconstitutional if it violates a constitutional provision.

judicial reveiw in india

Parliamentary System

India has a parliamentary system that is taken from Britain. It works on a parliamentary form of government present at both center and state.

parliamentary system in india

Drafting Committee

Among all the committees of the Constituent Assembly, the most important committee was the Drafting Committee.

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Constituent Assembly

The present Constitution was framed by the Constituent Assembly of India setup under the Cabinet Mission Plan of May 16, 1946.

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Objective Resolution

The Philosophy underlying Indian Constitution was represented in the Objective resolution. It was presented by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

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Unwritten Constitution

A constitution that is not written and codified into a single document is called an unwritten or uncodified constitution.

Written Constitution

Written Constitution refers to the constitution the laws of which are properly enacted and duly framed and stated in a single book.

written constitution in India

Article 32

Article 32 of the Indian Constitution which confers the power on the Supreme Court to issue appropriate writs for the enforcement of the fundamental rights of an aggrieved citizen.

article 32 of the Indian Constitution