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5 Best qualities for a good leader

qualities for a good leader featured

Qualities for a good leader | Characteristics of a Good Leader

qualities for a good leader | qualities of a great leader

Qualities For A Good Leader

Leaders exert leadership qualities. But what exactly is leadership?

  • Leadership is the process through which one member of a group (its leader) influences other group members toward the attainment of shared group goals. In other words, being a leader involves influence. Hence A leader is the group member who exerts the most influence within the group. 
  • With the help of this article let’s know some qualities of a good leader & why only some individuals become leaders, and others do not. Then we will see what are the nature and qualities of a Great Leader.

5 best qualities for a good leader

  • Famous leaders such as Alexander the Great, Queen Elizabeth I, and Abraham Lincoln seem to differ from ordinary people in several respects. All great leaders possess certain traits that set them apart from most human beings.
  • All great leaders do differ from other persons in several important ways.

Watch the Below Video For a brief understanding of the qualities required to become a great leader.

How To Be A Good Leader? - 5 Qualities Of Good Leader You Should KnowHow To Be A Good Leader? – 5 Qualities Of Good Leader You Should Know

In the following traits, leaders are being rated higher than most people.

  1. Drive – Desire for achievement coupled with high energy.
  2. Self Confidence – Self-confidence is highly necessary for leaders to take risks and accomplish high goals. Leaders who are self-confident tend to deal immediately and directly with problems and conflicts, rather than procrastinating, ignoring, or passing problems to others. 
  3. Creativity – Leaders must be able to listen, observe, and be willing to change course when necessary and should also think outside of the box.
  4. Leadership Motivation – The desire to be in charge and exercise authority over others. 
  5. Flexibility – The ability to recognize what actions or approaches are required in a given situation and then to act accordingly.

Charismatic Leaders- Leaders who change the world

qualities of a great leader | characteristics of a great leader
  • On the contrary, different groups, facing different tasks and problems, seem to require different types of leaders. So yes, the qualities of a good leader do matter where leadership is concerned; but qualities are definitely only part of the total picture, and it is misleading to conclude that all leaders, everywhere and at all times, share precisely the same traits and qualities.
  • Charismatic Leaders are those leaders who exert profound effects on their followers. Have you ever seen films by John F. Kennedy? Franklin D. Roosevelt? Martin Luther King Jr.? If so, you may have noticed that there seemed to be something special about these leaders. As you listened to their speeches, you may have found yourself being moved by their words and stirred by the vigor of their presentations. You are definitely not alone in such reactions: These leaders exerted powerful effects on many millions of people and by doing so, changed their societies. Leaders who accomplish such feats are described as being charismatic (or, sometimes, as transformational)

  • How are charismatic leaders able to produce their profound effects? Apparently, a combination of behaviors and characteristics that allows these leaders to establish a special type of relationship with followers—one in which followers have high levels of loyalty to the leader and a high level of enthusiasm for the leader’s vision or goals.

5 Best Qualities of a Great leader – Charismatic Leader

  1. A Stirring Vision – First, such leaders usually propose a vision. They describe, in vivid, emotion-provoking terms, an image of what their society or group can and should become. To the extent followers accept this vision, their level of commitment to the leader and the leader’s goals can be intense. 
  2. A Route To The Vision – Second, charismatic leaders go beyond stating a dream or vision: They also offer a route for reaching their destination. They tell their followers, in straightforward terms, how to get from here to there. 
  3. Framing – Third, charismatic leaders engage in framing. They define the goals for their group in a way that gives extra meaning and purpose to the goals and to the actions needed to attain them. 
  4. Self Confidence & Outstanding Communication Skills – Fourth, they exert high levels of self-confidence, a high degree of concern for followers’ needs, and an excellent communication style.
  5. Self Sacrifice – Finally, the acts of self-sacrifice by charismatic leaders—such leaders give up important personal benefits (wealth, status, convenience) for the good of the group and for the sake of their vision. Faced with such self-sacrifice, followers conclude that the leader is sincere and is acting on the basis of principle, and come to view this person as charismatic. These perceptions, in turn, enhance the leader’s influence.

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