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5 Static Friction Examples In Real Life | Physics

static friction examples in daily life featured

Top 5 Static Friction Examples In Real Life

Here are the 5 top static friction examples in daily life & physics

  1. A car parked on the hill

  2. Arranging books on a shelf

  3. Attaching a magnet to a refrigerator

  4. Applying tape to a surface

  5. Closing a zipper

What is Static Friction In Physics?

  • Static friction is a type of friction that occurs between two surfaces that are not in motion relative to each other.
  • When an object is at rest and you apply a force to it, static friction opposes the initiation of motion. It prevents the object from moving until the applied force overcomes the maximum static friction force.
  • If the force is greater than the maximum static friction, the object will start moving and kinetic friction will take over.
  • Static friction helps to prevent objects from slipping.

Now let’s dive into our top 5 static friction examples in everyday life in physics.

Static Friction Examples In Real Life Explained | Physics

I am certain that the concept of static friction is clear to you now. If not, you can comment below. Let us now move on to our top 5 examples of static friction in physics & in real life.

  1. A car parked on the hill

    Car Parked On Hill Static Force Examples in daily life

    When a car is parked on a hill, static friction plays a crucial role in preventing the car from rolling downhill.

    The weight of the car, acting vertically downward, creates a force perpendicular to the incline. The static friction force opposes this gravitational force along the incline, effectively “holding” the car in place.

    As long as the static friction force is equal to or greater than the component of the car’s weight pulling it downhill, the car remains stationary.

    This static friction between the tires and the road surface ensures the car’s stability and prevents unintended motion on the inclined surface.

  2. Arranging books on a shelf

    Books on Shelf Static Force Examples in real life

    When arranging books on a shelf, static friction is at play. The gravitational force acting on each book tries to pull it downward.

    However, static friction between the books and the shelf surface opposes this force, preventing the books from sliding off. As you position each book, the static friction force ensures that it stays in place, maintaining order on the shelf.

  3. Attaching a magnet to a refrigerator:

    Attaching A Magnet Example of Static Forces

    When attaching a magnet to a refrigerator, static friction is instrumental. The magnet, with its magnetic field, seeks to adhere to the metal surface of the refrigerator.

    However, the static friction between the magnet and the refrigerator’s surface prevents immediate sliding. This static frictional force ensures that the magnet stays securely in place.

    Without static friction, the magnet would slide down due to gravity. Static friction and magnetic force allow the magnet to stick to the fridge.

  4. Applying tape to a surface:

    Applying Tape

    When applying tape to a surface, static friction plays an important role. This static frictional force ensures that the tape adheres securely to the surface, allowing for effective bonding.

    Without static friction, the tape would not stay in place, and its adhesive side would not properly attach to the intended surface.

  5. Closing a Zipper

    Closing Zipper

    Closing a zipper involves the interaction of static friction. As you pull the zipper slider along its teeth, static friction between the two surfaces plays a crucial role.

    The teeth of the zipper provide resistance against the slider’s motion, and static friction opposes the force trying to open the zipper. This frictional force keeps the zipper securely closed, preventing unintended separation.

    The precise balance between applied force and static friction ensures smooth zipping while providing the necessary resistance for the zipper to stay closed.

References – Static & Kinetic Friction

  • Khan Academy: Static & Kinetic Friction

    If you are interested in learning about friction, this Khan Academy article could be a valuable educational resource to explore.

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