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Emphatic Pronoun | Emphatic Pronoun Definition

emphatic pronoun definition featured

Emphatic Pronoun | Emphatic Pronoun Examples 

emphatic pronoun definition emphatic pronoun examples

What is Emphatic Pronoun?

Emphatic Pronoun Definition

  1. Emphatic Pronouns are used to put some emphasis on either noun or pronoun. They are made by adding ‘self’ in My, your, him her and it.
Word Pronoun
My Myself
Your Yourself
Him Himself
Her Herself
It itself


I myself solved this question.
  1. They are also made by adding ‘selves’ in (our, your and them).
Word Pronoun
Our Ourselves
Your Yourselves
Them Themselves


We ourselves can do our work.
  1. Reflexive pronoun and Emphatic pronoun almost look similar.


I myself solved this question.


I hurt myself

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25 Emphatic Pronoun examples sentences

25 emphatic pronoun examples


  1. I myself solved this question.
  2. She herself found the solution.
  3. The boy himself got hurt as he slipped from the stairs accidentally.
  4. He himself came to see the patient.
  5. He himself organized the meeting.
  6. He himself told me this.
  7. He himself broke the window glass.
  8. The king himself was not present.
  9. You yourself admitted your fault. 
  10. We ourselves can do our work.
  11. Children themselves cooked rice.
  12. They themselves have never done it.
  13. The dog itself never barked.
  14. The castle itself fell.
  15. The child cut itself.
  16. We ourselves spoke to our principal.
  17. We ourselves served the guest.
  18. We ourselves witnessed the accident.
  19. They themselves have to earn money.
  20. They themselves went there.
  21. They themselves admitted their mistakes.
  22. They themselves fixed the television.
  23. She herself prepare the food.
  24. She herself found the solution. (उसने खुद ही इसका हल ढूंढ लिया।)
  25. She herself cut her finger while cutting vegetables.

NOTE– Emphatic Pronoun are used just after the Subject.

Definition of Pronoun

definition of pronoun in hindi

Definition of Pronoun

  • A pronoun is a word that is used instead of noun. 
  • Pronoun Stands for (Pro +  Noun). Pronoun refers to a noun, An individual or individuals , thing or things whose identity is made clear earlier in the text.


Ram found a Purse. He picked it up and gave it to Sarla. She threw it into a river.

In the above sentence (उपरोक्त वाक्य में)

  • He’ is used for Ram (noun).
  • It’ is used for Purse (noun).
  • She’ is used for Sarla (noun).

Other Types of Pronouns

types of pronoun in hindi


  1. Personal Pronoun.
  2. Reflexive Pronoun.
  3. Reciprocal Pronoun.
  4. Demonstrative Pronoun.
  5. Indefinite Pronoun.
  6. Interrogative Pronoun.
  7. Distributive Pronoun.
  8. Relative Pronoun.
  9. Exclamatory Pronoun.

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