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Examples Of Non-Uniform Acceleration In Daily Life

examples of non uniform acceleration in daily life

7 Examples Of Non Uniform Acceleration

aceleration in physics (kinematics)

Non-Uniform Acceleration Examples In Daily Life

Have you ever wondered about the different types of acceleration we experience daily?

One of them is Non-uniform acceleration. It is a type of acceleration where the velocity of an object changes by unequal amounts over equal intervals of time. It’s a concept that is often discussed in physics classes, but it can also be seen in everyday life.

In this blog post, we will explore seven non-uniform acceleration examples in our daily life. From the motion of a roller coaster to how a plane takes off, we will explore the different ways that this type of acceleration occurs. By understanding these examples, we can have a better appreciation of the different types of acceleration that are all around us.

Before you read any further, it might be a good idea to briefly understand non-uniform acceleration. It will help you to understand examples better. If you want to skip, you can skip by clicking on the link below.


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Non-Uniform Acceleration In Brief

  • Non-uniform acceleration occurs when the rate at which an object’s velocity changes is not constant.

    For example, when a car accelerates or decelerates, its speed changes at a varying rate, resulting in non-uniform acceleration. Another example is when a rocket takes off, its speed changes rapidly in the beginning due to the thrust of its engines, and then gradually slows down as it gains altitude and encounters air resistance. In both cases, the acceleration is not constant and varies over time.

Now Let’s delve into the fascinating examples of non-uniform acceleration, where objects experience changing velocities that can vary in both speed and direction.

7 Examples Of Non-Uniform Motion In Daily Life

I hope you understood the concept of acceleration given above. Now let’s look at the daily life examples of acceleration to understand acceleration more clearly.


  1. Walking up stairs
  2. Driving in traffic
  3. Flying in an airplane
  4. Riding a roller coaster
  5. A car that is driving on a hilly road
  6. A skydiver falling through the air
  7. Swimming

Now let’s explain them one by one:

  1. Walking upstairs:

    When walking upstairs, your acceleration is non-uniform. This is because the force of gravity acting on your body changes as you move up the stairs, which affects your acceleration. As you climb higher, you may slow down due to the increased force of gravity pulling you down.

  2. Driving in traffic:

    When driving in traffic, your acceleration may be uniform or non-uniform, depending on the situation. If you are driving at a constant speed without changing direction, your acceleration is uniform. However, if you are accelerating or decelerating to keep up with traffic, your acceleration is non-uniform.

  3. Flying in an airplane:

    non uniform acceleration examples in daily life

    When flying in an airplane, your acceleration is usually uniform. Once the plane reaches cruising altitude, it typically maintains a constant speed and direction, resulting in uniform acceleration. However, during takeoff and landing, your acceleration may be non-uniform as the plane changes speed and direction.

  4. Riding a roller coaster:

    examples of non uniform acceleration in real life

    When riding a roller coaster, your acceleration is usually non-uniform. Roller coasters are designed to change speed and direction rapidly, resulting in non-uniform acceleration. You may experience sudden drops, sharp turns, and rapid changes in speed, all of which affect your acceleration.

  5. A car that is driving on a hilly road:

    When a car is driving uphill or downhill, it experiences non-uniform acceleration because the force of gravity acting on it changes as the car moves up and down the slope. This causes the car’s acceleration to vary, and the car may slow down or speed up depending on the slope of the road.

  6. A skydiver falling through the air:

    examples of non uniform acceleration in daily life

    When a skydiver jumps out of a plane and starts falling towards the ground, they experience non-uniform acceleration because the force of air resistance acting on their body changes as their speed changes. Initially, they accelerate quickly due to the force of gravity, but as they acquire speed, air resistance increases and slows them down.

    Similarly, the last example of non uniform acceleration can be seen when a person is swimming.

  7. Swimming:

    When swimming, a person’s acceleration is non-uniform because they are constantly changing direction and speed in response to the water’s resistance. The swimmer’s acceleration may vary depending on their stroke technique, the strength of their muscles, and the shape of their body as they move through the water.


The page provides a lesson on acceleration in one-dimensional kinematics. It defines acceleration, explains how it can be positive or negative, introduces average acceleration, and provides examples of how to calculate it.

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