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How to convince someone to do something for you?

How To Convince Someone to do something featured

How to Convince Someone To Do Something

5 Tricks On How To Convince Someone

How To Convince Someone To Do Something – 5 Tricks

  • How many times each day do others try to change your behavior? And how often do you try to do this to other people? If you stop and count, you’ll probably come up with a surprisingly large number.
  • There are indeed several attempts by many persons to change the attitudes or behavior of others. In this article, we will discuss with you some ways on (How to convince someone to do something for you).

How to convince someone to do something – Strategies

  • Suppose that you wanted someone to do something for you; how would you go about getting them to do it? If you think about this question for a moment, you’ll soon realize that you prob- ably have quite a few tricks up your sleeve for getting the other person to say yes. This is called compliance.

Five Strategies on How to convince Someone To say yes

  1. First – let them like you.
  2. Second – Foot In the door technique.
  3. Third – Door in the face technique.
  4. Fourth – Playing hard to get.
  5. Fifth – Social Influence by demand.

Watch the Below Video For brief learning of all the 5 tricks.

How To Convince Someone To Do Something For You? "5 Best Tricks" 😎How To Convince Someone To Do Something For You? “5 Best Tricks” 😎
  1. First Trick – Let them like you

how to convince someone to do something for you
  • We use this trick for gaining compliance from others which will cause them to have positive feelings about us. How do we accomplish this task? Let’s find out.
  • There are two basic ways with the help of which we can accomplish this task.
  • First, we may engage in various self-enhancing tactics, ones designed to enhance our personal appeal. These tactics include making ourselves as physically attractive as possible, showing friendliness toward the target person, and associating ourselves with positive events or people the target person already likes.
  • Second, we often engage in other-enhancing tactics, such as flattering target persons, agreeing with them, or showing interest in them. All these tactics seem to work—they induce increased liking for us and therefore greater compliance.

  • Thing To Remember – However if they are obvious or overdone, they may fail or even backfire, causing others to dislike us rather than to like us. So work with this trick carefully and try not to over-flatter the targetted person.
  1. Second Trick – Foot in the door technique

how to convince someone to say yes
  • This trick for getting others to say yes to our requests is based on obtaining an initial small commitment from target persons. After making this small commitment, such persons often find it harder to refuse later requests.
  • For instance, fund-raisers, people in sales, and other experts in gaining compliance often start with a trivial request and then, when this is granted, move on to a larger request—the one they really wanted all along. This is known as the foot-in-the-door technique, and the chances are good that you have encountered it or even used it yourself.

  • Research findings indicate that the (foot in the door technique) works and that one reason it does is that people want to be consistent. Once they have said yes to the first request, they feel it would be inconsistent to say no to the second.
  1. Third Trick – Door In the Face Technique

convincing someone to do something
  • Reciprocity is a basic rule of social life: We tend to treat other people as they have treated us. Several tactics for gaining compliance are based on this fact. One of these, which is known as the door-in-the-face technique, is the opposite of the foot-in-the-door technique we just described.
  • Instead of beginning with a small request and then escalating to a larger one, a person employing this tactic starts with a very large request. After that request is refused, a much smaller one is made—the one the requester wanted all along. The target person then feels a subtle pressure to reciprocate by saying yes. After all, the requester made a concession by scaling down the first request. This tactic is often successful.
  1. Fourth Trick – Playing Hard To Get

  • In general, the rarer or the harder to obtain something is, the more valuable it is perceived to be. This basic fact serves as the underlying principle for several tactics for gaining compliance. Perhaps the most popular of these is playing hard to get—a tactic in which individuals try to create the impression that they are very popular or very much in demand.
  • This puts pressure on hoped-for romantic partners and employers, for example, to say yes to requests from the person using this tactic. The requests can range from “Let’s get engaged” to “Pay me a high salary,” but the underlying principle is the same: The persons on the receiving end feel that if they don’t agree, they may lose a valuable partner or employee—so they often say yes.
  • The success of top salespersons, fund-raisers, and others in getting people to say yes to their requests is, therefore, no mystery: These people are simply good applied psychologists, whether they realize it or not!
  1. Fifth Trick – Obedience (Social Influence By Demand)

Social Influence to convince anyone
  • Perhaps the most direct way in which one person can attempt to change the behavior of another is through direct orders—simply telling the target person what to do. This approach is less common than either conformity pressure or compliance tactics, but it is far from rare; it occurs in many situations in which one person has clear authority over another—in the military, in sports, and in business, to name a few.

    Obedience – It is a form of social influence in which one or more individuals behave in specific ways in response to direct orders from someone.

  • Military officers, coaches, and bosses have powerful means for enforcing their commands.
  • So you can study in your interested field and have a respectable position that will allow you to lead in your chosen field.

How to convince someone to do something is a skill that can be learned and improved over time. Practice these tricks and you will definitely master them in time. Be careful & try not to manipulate someone more than required.

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