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Interrogative Adjective Definition


interrogative adjective definition

definition of interrogative adjective


  1. Interrogative adjectives (also known as interrogative determiners) modify nouns and pronouns.


1. What book are you reading?
2. Which shirt are you going to buy?
3. Whose Computer is this?
  • In each of the above examples, the interrogative adjectives (What, Which, Whose) modify the noun it immediately precedes: book, shirt, and computer.
  1. They are called “interrogative” because they are usually used to ask questions. In the above examples, interrogative adjectives (What, Which, Whose) are used for asking questions.

List of Interrogative Adjectives

  • In English, mainly we have three interrogative adjectives.
  1. What
  2. Which 
  3. Whose

Use of interrogative adjectives with examples

Use of What

  • We use what when the amount of possible answers is unknown or unlimited.
Example: What present do you think you’ll get for your birthday?
  • In the above sentence, the speaker does not have any idea how many possible presents there are.

“What” interrogative adjective examples

what interrogative adjectives example


  1. What movie do you want to see?
  2. What book is your favorite?
  3. What are you reading?
  4. What town did they move to?
  5. What car will they give us?

Use of which

  • We use “which” when we either know how many choices there are, or we consider the options to be more limited.


Example: Which movie do you want to see?
  • In the above sentence, the speaker may have been discussing two or three movies with the listener, and they are trying to make a final decision.

“Which” interrogative adjective examples


  1. Which movie do you want to see?
  2. Which book is your favorite?
  3. Which computer do you want for Christmas?
  4. Which town did they move to?
  5. Which car will they gift us?
  6. Which shirt are you going to buy?

Use of Whose

  • Whose is an adjective that denotes possession, or belonging. We can use it to ask who the owner of an object is.

“Whose” interrogative adjective examples

example of interrogative adjective whose


  1. Whose socks are on the floor?
  2. Whose computer is this?
  3. Whose turn is it?
  4. Whose book is this?
  • In the above examples, the speaker is trying to find out to who the socks, computer, book, and turn belong.
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