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10 Real-life Positive Acceleration Examples In Physics

positive acceleration examples in physics definition featured

Positive Acceleration Examples In Physics

positive acceleration examples in physics | instantaneous acceleration examples

Positive Acceleration Examples In Physics

Here are the top 10 Positive Acceleration Examples In Real Life

  1. Car increasing its speed
  2. Airplane taking off
  3. Rocket launching into space
  4. Bullet fired from a gun
  5. A person jumping off a diving board
  6. Stone being dropped into a pond
  7. Ball falling under gravity
  8. A person riding a roller coaster
  9. Person bungee jumping
  10. Person skiing down a hill

When it comes to understanding the basics of physics, understanding the concept of acceleration is a must. Positive acceleration examples in physics are when an object speeds up or increases its speed over time.

Examples of positive acceleration can be found throughout physics, from the laws of motion to everyday examples. This blog post will look at 10 examples of positive acceleration in physics that demonstrate this phenomenon.

From objects in freefall to rockets, these positive acceleration examples demonstrate how the laws of physics impact the world around us.


But before you read any further, it might be a good idea to briefly understand Positive acceleration. It will help you to understand the examples better. If you want to skip, you can skip by clicking on the link below.

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What is Positive Acceleration?

Definition of Positive acceleration: It is the rate at which an object’s velocity increases in the positive direction. It occurs when an object is speeding up or increasing its velocity in the positive direction (such as moving forward)

The units of positive acceleration are meters per second squared (m/s²).

For Example, A simple example of positive acceleration is when a car starts increasing its speed from a green signal. When the driver presses the gas pedal, the car’s engine generates more power, causing the car to accelerate in the positive direction and increase its velocity.

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Now let’s move on to examples.

10 Real-Life Positive Acceleration Examples In Physics

Watch this short video to know 10 examples of positive acceleration.

I am sure that the concept of positive acceleration is clear to you now. Let us move on to 10 positive acceleration examples in physics.


  1. Car Increasing Its Speed:

    instantaneous acceleration examples in real life in physics

    When a driver presses a car’s accelerator pedal, it causes the engine to generate more power. This extra power propels the car forward, causing it to accelerate in a positive direction and move faster and faster.

  2. Airplane Taking Off:

    an airplane taking off

    When an airplane takes off, the engines produce a large thrust that propels the plane forward. This produces a positive acceleration that causes the plane to accelerate and eventually take off into the air.

  3. Rocket Launching Into Space:

    examples of law of acceleration in real life

    When a rocket launches, it produces a massive amount of thrust that propels it upward and out of Earth’s atmosphere. This positive acceleration allows the rocket to acquire speed and altitude until it reaches space.

  4. Bullet Fired From a Gun:

    Bullet fired from a gun

    When a bullet is fired from a gun, the explosion of gunpowder inside the cartridge propels it forward. This creates a positive acceleration that causes the shot to move quickly through the air.

  5. Person Jumping Off a Diving Board:

    motion with constant acceleration examples in real life

    When a person jumps off a diving board, they push off with their legs and feet, propelling themselves upward and outward. This produces a positive acceleration that causes the person to move through the air until they hit the water.

  6. Stone Being Dropped Into a Pond:

    When a stone is dropped into a pond, it falls due to gravity. As it falls, it acquires speed at a positive acceleration until it hits the surface of the water, creating a splash.

  7. Ball Falling Under Gravity:

    examples of acceleration in daily life

    When you drop a ball from a certain height, it experiences a positive acceleration due to gravity. This means that as the ball falls, its speed increases at a constant rate till the time, it reaches the ground.

  8. Person Riding a Roller Coaster:

    roller coaster ride: Positive acceleration examples in real life in physics

    When a person rides a roller coaster, they experience positive acceleration as the coaster increases hills and drops down steep inclines. This produces a thrilling sensation as the person feels the coaster accelerate and slow down throughout the ride.

  9. Person Bungee Jumping:

    person bungee jumping: Positive acceleration examples in real life in physics

    When a person bungee jumps, they jump off a high platform and freefall until the bungee cord stretches and begins to slow their descent. This produces a positive acceleration as the person falls, followed by a negative acceleration as the bungee cord slows their fall.

  10. Person Skiing Down a Hill:

    Person Skiing Down a Hill: Positive acceleration examples in real life in physics and positive acceletaion definition

    When a person is skiing down a hill, they rely on gravity to pull them downhill. This produces a positive acceleration that causes the person to pick up speed and move quickly down the slope until they reach the bottom.


  1. Khan Academy: Acceleration:

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