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15 Amazing Examples of Closed Systems in Our Daily Lives

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Closed System Examples | Examples of closed systems in daily life

examples of closed system

We all encounter closed systems in our everyday lives, but we may not even be aware of them. In brief, a closed system is a system that does not allow for the exchange of matter or energy with its surroundings. Examples of closed system include refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and computer systems.

This blog post will explore 15 excellent examples of closed systems in our daily lives and discuss their importance. We will also look at how these examples of closed systems work to improve our daily lives. So read on to learn more about closed system examples and how they are used daily!

15 Examples of closed system in daily life

5 Examples Of Closed System In Our Daily Life | Thermodynamics, Physics5 Examples Of Closed System In Our Daily Life | Thermodynamics, Physics
Watch this short video to know 5 examples in brief of a closed system in daily life.


Here are the 15 closed system examples in daily life.

  1. The human body
  2. A beehive
  3. A pressure cooker
  4. A water bottle
  5. A fish tank
  6. A terrarium
  7. A computer
  8. A smartphone
  9. A car
  10. An airplane
  11. A submarine
  12. A space shuttle
  13. The International Space Station
  14. A sealed container of food
  15. A can of soda

Our bodies are enclosed, and nothing can escape or enter without our conscious effort. We take in nutrients and expel waste, but all this is done within the body’s confines. Our internal systems regulate our temperature, pressure, and other factors, ensuring that everything remains within the proper range. The human body can keep itself balanced and healthy through this closed system model.


With a beehive, the bees maintain their population and resources by having a closed system of operation. The colony produces food from the nectar and pollen they collect from flowers and uses their resources to create wax for the hive.


The bees flapping their wings to create a draft effect also regulated the temperature within the hive. By being able to control the influx and outflow of both matter and energy, the hive can survive and thrive in any environment.

A pressure cooker closed system example

A pressure cooker is an example of a closed system in thermodynamics. With a pressure cooker, the air is trapped inside the pot, creating an environment of high pressure that raises the boiling point of the water inside. This higher boiling point allows food to cook faster and more efficiently than it would with normal atmospheric pressure. The lid of the pressure cooker seals the pot completely, making it a perfect example of a closed system.

A water bottle closed system example

Here, the water bottle has a lid or seal that prevents any exchange of liquid or gas. The liquid inside is insulated from the outside, which helps keep the temperature consistent and prevents evaporation. This sealed environment makes it an ideal choice for keeping liquids safe and at the right temperature for extended periods.

A fish tank closed system example in thermodynamics

In a fish tank, the water, fish, and plants remain self-contained, allowing for a balanced and sustainable ecosystem within the tank. The water is filtered to maintain cleanliness, while the plants absorb nutrients and produce oxygen for the fish. This is a perfect example of a closed system in which the energy and matter balance is maintained with no outside interference.

A terrarium

In a terrarium, the components such as the soil, plants, and animals are all enclosed in a sealed container, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. The terrarium relies on photosynthesis to provide energy, while water and nutrients cycle through the environment to keep it functioning. The terrarium’s cycle remains self-contained, creating a miniature version of the environment outside its walls.

A computer example of closed system in thermodynamics

A computer is a perfect example of a closed system. This means that while energy is exchanged between the inside and outside of the computer, nothing physically moves in or out of it.

All the components of the computer work together to keep it running while all external factors remain outside of the system. This closed system helps ensure that all information stored within the computer is safe.

A smartphone

With a smartphone, the components are all housed inside the device, and they can exchange no external energy or matter with it. This means that the phone will run on the same amount of power until its battery runs out, and no new materials can be added to it without opening the case. This makes it an ideal example of a closed system.

  1. A CAR
car example of closed system in daily life

With a car, energy is exchanged between the engine, which converts fuel into motion, and the car itself, which moves when energy is applied. Heat is also generated by friction between the tires and the road, which is then dissipated through the vehicle’s cooling system. As energy is exchanged in this system, it is ultimately converted into motion, enabling the car to move.


When you think of what a closed system is in thermodynamics, an airplane is an excellent example. Airplanes are built this way so that the cabin remains pressurized, which is important for providing a comfortable environment for passengers. This means that the temperature, humidity, and pressure of the air inside the plane will remain relatively consistent throughout the flight.

The only energy allowed to enter or leave the cabin is through the air circulation system, which pumps in fresh air from outside. All of this helps to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for passengers.

a submarine

Submarines are one of the most amazing examples of a closed system in our daily lives. A submarine is a self-contained vessel that operates underwater, using a combination of technology and thermodynamics to generate its power. This makes a submarine a closed system in thermodynamics, meaning that no energy is exchanged with the external environment.

The internal energy generated from the engine, batteries, and other electrical sources, is used to power the propulsion, navigation, and communication systems within the submarine. The air inside the submarine is recycled to ensure that there is a sustainable source of oxygen for the crew. Thus, a submarine is a great example of a closed system that helps us explore the depths of the ocean.

space shuttle

With a space shuttle, the closed system comprises its fuel, its engines, its cargo, and its astronauts. These components work together to keep the shuttle in orbit, and none of them can be exchanged with the environment without causing the mission to fail. The space shuttle is an incredible example of a closed system working in harmony.

international space station

The International Space Station (ISS) is an example of a closed system that orbits Earth. It is home to six astronauts who live and work in a unique environment, providing them with the opportunity to conduct research in microgravity.

The ISS has been continuously inhabited since 2000 and serves as an important hub for international collaboration and research. Its pressurized modules provide a safe and comfortable environment for astronauts, who have access to air, water, food, and other resources. Its closed-system status helps ensure that the station can safely operate without being affected by the external environment.

a sealed container of food

In this type of system, the temperature, pressure, and volume remain constant because no exchange takes place. Therefore a sealed container of food can preserve the food for a longer period.

The sealed container does not allow any outside elements, like air, to enter inside and affect the food. In this way, a closed system helps keep food fresh for a longer time.

a can of soda

Here, the soda can is sealed and protected from outside elements, trapping the carbon dioxide and other gases inside. When the tab is opened on the can, the internal pressure and temperature are released, causing the soda to fizz and bubble up as it comes out.

The energy that was stored within the can is then transferred out into the atmosphere. In this way, a can of soda provides a simple example of a closed system in thermodynamics.

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