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What is non uniform motion?

What is non uniform motion with example
  1. Define Non Uniform Motion | What is Non uniform motion?

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What is Non Uniform Motion?

  • Non Uniform Motion Definition – It is a motion during which an object covers an unequal distance in an equal time interval.
  • In such a motion the object moves at different speeds and the speed is not uniform.

Now we are familiar with the concept
Let’s understand with the help of an example.


Bus moving on hills and changing its speed at turns. (speed is not constant)
  1. Graph of Non uniform motion

Distance Time Graph
  • If we draw a distance-time graph for motion which will be non-uniform, since speed is variable it will not be a straight line, it will be a curve or a zig-zag line. (As you can see above)
For better understanding, we can take an example.


  • Example: A car runs at a speed of 10 meters per second for the first two seconds. For the next 3 seconds, it will run at a speed of 5 meters per second, and again after 3 seconds, it will run not at 15 meters per second for the next five seconds. The car’s speed is not constant, so its motion will be non uniform.
  1. Non Uniform motion Real-Life Examples

Some examples are explained below.


  1. A horse running

examples of non uniform motion in daily life
Horse Running

The very first one in my list of examples in real life is a horse running. If you are wondering how? then, let me tell you how.

  • In such motion, a body moves with a variable speed such as a horse running in a race.
  • For Example, a horse running in a competitive race. The horse may start out running at 30 mph, then run 35 mph and by the end runs at 40 mph. This is an illustration of motion that is not uniform.
  • If the horse would run at a speed of 35 mph throughout the race, then we can say that the horse would be in uniform motion.
  1. Car Travelling in City traffic

10 examples of non uniform motion in daily life
  • A car on road changes its speed as per requirements and directions. Especially in cities where the traffic and crowd are different at different places. Hence, the driver won’t be able to drive a car in a uniform motion. It may be possible on highways but not in cities where traffic is always uncertain.
  1. Running of athletes in a marathon

running of athletes in marathon
Running of athletes in marathon
  • The motion of the athletes is not uniform as the speed of the athlete will change at each point.
  • When athletes are running long distances, like in a marathon, they pace their run. In the first phase, they will run at a particular speed, and then, towards the end, they increase their speed. So we can see the speed is not constant throughout the race.

Ever wondered how physics helped athletes to run?

  • The basic physics of running is pretty simple. A runner applies a force to the ground that is directed opposite the direction they are running. Then Newton’s third law kicks in, and the ground applies an equal and opposite reaction force on the running, causing their body to be propelled upward and forward.
  1. A Plane while landing and taking off

a plane takeoff example of non uniform motion
Plane Takeoff

The very fourth one in my list of examples is a plane while landing and taking off. If you are wondering how? then, let me tell you how.

  • For the motion of an airplane, during each phase, such as taking off, flying, and landing, the plane covers different distances per unit of time in each phase. Hence, it is an example of motion that is not uniform.
  • But that only happens when it is flying in the sky at the desired altitude and speed. It can be at the steady-state uniform motion. But when it is landing on a runway, there is the application of brakes and hence the speed is not uniform.
  1. Driving a car in a hilly area

driving a car in hilly area
Driving Car In Hilly Area
  • When we travel in a car in a hilly area, there will be straight or elevated roads and sharp bends. The driver has to reduce the speed in sharp bends in order to reduce the radius of the turn. In some places, they give the roads a gentle slope in order to allow turning at high speeds.
  • It is easier to climb along a winding road with a gentle slope than to climb a steep, straight road up a hill.
  1. A batsman hitting a ball

batsman hitting a ball
Batsman Hitting a ball
  • There may be hardly anyone who is not familiar with the game of cricket. Whenever a batsman hits the ball. The ball is at high velocity in the beginning. But as the ball falls down on the ground, it slows down.
  • After a few moments, it comes to rest because of opposing forces of air resistance and frictional force on the ball opposing its motion.
  • The velocity of the ball after hitting decreases. This change in velocity is not uniform.

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is non uniform motion, give some examples?

  • When the velocity of an object is not uniform, it is said to be in non uniform motion.
  • Examples of motion that is not uniform are running horses, the movement of an airplane during takeoffs and landing, the collision of two vehicles, etc.
  1. Is non uniform motion scalar or vector?

  • It is a vector quantity.
  1. What is the si unit of non uniform motion?

  • It is not a physical quantity (like mass, speed, force, etc.) that can be measured. Hence, non uniform motion cannot have any units..

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